'Neva give up'


Je pátek 22. března 2019

About me

Hi. My name's Jakub Walica and I'm just an ordinary guy from Czech republic. Currently I'm 17 years old and I attend Gymnázium Karviná . My hobbies include, for example, fitness, Osu! or cooking (even though it's not that great). And I don't wanna brag or something, but as of now I'm #1900 Osu! player, which means that there are only 1900 people better than me. Just sayin'.

Probably my biggest passion would be, perhaps suprisingly, improving myself and getting better at stuff. That might be the reason for my fitness and Osu! obssesion. Because in order to get better at those things, you have to push your limits whether skill-wise or strength-wise. My philosophy is that everyone should atleast try to better themselves and that everytime you go to bed, you should be able to tell yourself: "Today I was better at _______ then yesterday."

My other interests aren't as serious, but they're still pretty fun. For instance, I drink a LOOOOOOOOT of coffee and right now I'm on my mission to find the perfect coffee person could possibly make. So far I have concluded that the best water to milk ratio is 1:2 (for sweet and creamy flavor) and for strong but still nice and enjoyable coffee it's 1:0,65. And I'm still working on the sugar to volume ratio. I also really enjoy memes of any kind. I don't care if the meme is normie or dank, dark, suicidal, cynical, political,... . But I know people that are far more involved in memes than I am, so I'll leave this topic up to them.

By Jakub Walica 2018